Ready to be confident, feel-good, and personalized support during your pregnancy journey?

Can you imagine....

  • No longer spending countless hours researching and guessing what works only to be left feeling frustrated by generalized advice instead be given a personalized, individualized strategy and support to feel your best before, during and after pregnancy?

  • Not feeling judged or shameful about the number on the scale and trusting your body?

  • Feeling empowered with evidence based information to make food/beverage choices for YOUR pregnancy?

  • Feeling confident that you know exactly what to do to have a healthy pregnancy?

  • Feeling confident that you are setting up your baby for the best start in life?




Take modules at your own pace. You will learn about how to prepare for pregnancy, what foods to add, how to build meals/snacks, managing pregnancy symptoms, supplements, and so much more!




Be apart of a group of like minded women to enjoy this stage of life with. Your journey will be enhanced just knowing there are a group of women behind you & support you along the way!




By having private check ins with me you will get the individualized support and guidance you deserve. In addition, get all your questions answered in the private Facebook group weekly & join me twice monthly for roundtables via Zoom (also recorded) where we will have a topic followed by Q&As.

Program options:

Tier 1

Tier 2

Are you Ready?

What other mama's are saying

"I have also learned not only how to eat but how to fuel and nourish myself, something that I was passionate about pre-pregnancy and completely lost the ability to do in the first trimester. I felt empowered rather than scared to eat."
"I always say that finding you on Instagram and working with you through pregnancy was the BEST decision I made. "
~Samantha D.
"I honestly don't know how I could have gotten through pregnancy without you. From our first session, you helped me with nausea that had me in bed all day! With having you I stopped googling and stressing myself out!!"
"This program was a huge benefit for me because once I got started I started to feel waaay better, my anxiety around good disappeared, and the support Haley gave me during my entire pregnancy journey made me feel empowered. Because of Haley & her help I feel human again."
~ Kelsay L.
"Very positive experience! Extremely knowledgeable in diet and nutrition. Your kind and welcoming attitude has made me feel so comfortable. I’m not afraid to ask silly questions or ask for suggestions if I’m struggling with something related to my pregnancy symptoms or diet. If I was going to have a third, I'd 100% work with you again!"
~Kelsey H.
"Could not recommend more! I felt so overwhelmed by my symptoms and how to eat during pregnancy. Haley actually takes the time to make you feel heard & understood unlike my OB who is super brief and not helpful. Haley immediately helped me by telling me exactly what I needed to do to feel relief from my nausea, bloating, and headaches. Felt so good to feel like a human again."
~ Former NMBF Mama
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