Ready to be confident, feel-good, and have the BEST support during your pregnancy journey?

Hi, I'm Haley!


I'm so excited to announce the launch of my pregnancy group program, Nourished Baby & Me.

I created the Nourished Baby & Me group program for you to have a feel good, confident pregnancy while being surrounded with a community of like-minded women.

During our six weeks together, you will gain confidence in your food choices, manage your weight with effective diet strategies, become equipped with skills to manage ANY symptoms pregnancy throws your way so you can feel-good, and feel prepared during each stage including your fourth trimester.

Our pregnancy journeys are a time we deserve to enjoy so let's ditch google, learn how to eat, & surround ourselves with like-minded women & a prenatal nutrition expert to support & guide us through this journey!


Self Pace Modules


Each week new modules will be released. These will equip you with the knowledge to manage symptoms and eat confidently. In addition, you will receive downloadable resources. You will have access to these for 4 months after baby arrives.


Facebook group

A group of like-minded moms to connect with & go through this pregnancy journey with.


Weekly Live Q&A's

Each week on Tuesdays' I will be going live (they will be recorded) in the Facebook group along with checking in multiple times a week to answer any questions posted in the group.

Are you Ready?

Group starts September 27th

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